Family Night
Friday, April 30th, Emmaus will host an online dinner and family night!

We will have an free online family night with the youth families, and have some food and fun! We will lead your teen to prepare a dinner on zoom in your own homes.

April 27-30th, we will drop off dinner making kits with ingredients for spaghetti and meat sauce and other foods. The kit will include ingredients and instructions for what we are cooking.

Friday, April 30th, on Zoom, the teen(s) at your home will cook with me, Pastor Matt at the same time! We hope to make something simple enough for teens to do with some participation from mom or dad. There will also a napkin folding activity for the parents.

When the meal is ready, we'll all eat together as one big church family on Zoom and then share a bit of life and faith as a church.

Fruit of the Spirit

For lent this year, we have decided to create devotionals to guide you through the weeks leading up to lent and hopefully help you center yourself back on God.

Love God, Love others

We are Emmaus Youth (grades 6-12) which is from Luke 24 where Jesus walks with 2 disciples on the road to Emmaus.  We are about walking through life with Jesus and journeying with Him.  Our goal is to help our friends take one step closer to Jesus every day!

Vision: To help our friends take one step closer to Jesus every day

Currently, we will are meeting weekly on Zoom each Friday. We will continue to meet on Zoom for the safety of our people to talk about life and faith, especially in these difficult times. 

This year, our theme is The Story which will align with the English Congregation's theme for the year!! Come out and learn more about what the bible is all about!

You can also contact us at [email protected] with any questions or for more info! If you are on social media, feel free to follow us on instagram: sga.emmaus for announcements on our latest events!